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As a child I loved the Christmas holiday. Cutting the tree down and decorating it while listening to old school Christmas music was a family tradition. We’d bake cookies for Santa’s reindeer and leave a little milk. Early Christmas morning I’d wake up and pad downstairs in my footie pajamas to open up all of my gifts. I’d be so excited because I was good every year and always received lots of toys. As I got older and stopped getting toys it was fun to watch my brother open his toys; train sets, cars, trucks and action figures.

As an adult I still love Christmas, but for different reasons. Not because of the hustle and bustle of shopping but because the holiday season is a time for reflecting and celebrating with family and friends. Sometimes we can get so caught up in the season of giving and receiving gifts that we lose sight of the real reason for the Christmas Holiday. On the birthday of Jesus be thankful. Your situation may not be perfect but be thankful for all that you have. Look past your current circumstances to see the bigger picture. If you have true joy, peace and love, everything else will abound.

Merry Christmas!!


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