20 Ways to Love and Care For Your Self During These Times

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The other night I had a fascinating conversation with a young woman about her business. She told me that it focuses on creating safe spaces for people that allow them to feel self-confident at work, traveling, and in life in general. The work that she’s doing is so needed during this time given the escalating world tensions.

It made me think about how I’ve been feeling fatigued from news overload. Each day, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve received multiple alerts, and my newsfeed on social media has been flooded with articles and breaking news on what’s happening in our political landscape. My conversation with her highlighted the need for increased self-care and self-love particularly during these challenging times.


News media has been proven to cause psychological distress that manifests itself as anxiety and depression. In his TedxTalk   Sean Dagan Woods says, “Where the news places its focus affects our thoughts, feelings, conversations,  beliefs, choices and actions …”

He goes on to say that “a more positive form of journalism will not only benefit our well-being; it will engage us in society, and it will help catalyze potential solutions to the problems that we face.”

Perhaps this is true. However, I believe that we have to responsible for our own self-care and self love. We must take the necessary steps to ensure our own psychological security. If that means taking a hiatus from the news or social media, then do it for your own piece of mind.  

Last week, there were 10 ways to Love Yourself Up, and continuing with that theme, here are 20 more. 

  1. Try something new. Don’t keep doing the same old things, but stretch yourself. Take a trip, pick up a hobby, or learn a language.
  2. Find the one place that makes you feel calm, peaceful, and happy. Find your happy place, and go there when you things aren’t so bright. You’ll feel better instantly.
  3. Stop the negative self- talk. Speak loving, encouraging, supportive words to yourself the same way you would speak to a friend or family member.
  4. Remember that you are unique and special. Love every quality that makes you different.
  5. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Showing love, respect, and kindness will go a long way on your quest for self-love. It makes you feel good, and even if it’s not reciprocated, it will always come back to you.
  6. Make a running list of the things you love about yourself, and on bad days pull it out as a reminder of just how awesome you are.
  7. Have a support network to help you through rough times. Friends, family, a therapist, get what you need when you need it. You don’t have to go through it alone.
  8. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Don’t allow the images that you see on magazines and TV define your beauty.  You’re beautiful just the way you are.
  9. Make “No” a part of your vocabulary. In fact, say “No” more than you say “Yes”. Set boundaries to ensure you won’t be taken advantage of. You’ll thank yourself later.
  10. Turn everything off, and find a place to relax.  No phones or TV. Just you with a glass of your favorite beverage thinking, dreaming, and plotting about life, and how to make it all happen
  11. Accept that you’re not perfect and that it’s okay. We all make mistakes. You’re human.
  12. Find a way to express your creative side. Write a book, sing out loud, or act in a play. But allow that creative energy to be expressed in a way that allows you to feel fulfilled.
  13. Let go of the past. It’s not easy, and maybe you need help. But when you let go of the bad things that happened to you, you free yourself up to let more love in.
  14. You know the thing that you’d do if you didn’t get paid for it? The one that excites and scares you at the same time, the thing you’re passionate about? Do that!!
  15. Meditate. Each day take time to slow down, and clear your mind. Start out with 10 minutes each day and work yourself up to 60 minutes. Your mind will thank you.  
  16. Control your thoughts, feelings, and desires. Live your life in a way that truly reflects this.
  17. Be patient with yourself. This self-love journey takes time. Be kind and supportive to yourself every day until it becomes second nature.
  18. Journal!! Whatever’s in your head keeping you up at night, not allowing you to be your best and most productive self, write it down. It doesn’t matter if what you write is good, bad, ugly, mean, or scary. Let it out, and then, let it go!
  19. Own your stuff. You don’t need others approval.
  20. Love life, and have fun! You only have one shot at living your best life, why not live it now?


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