What To Do When You Get What You Need (Instead of What You Want)

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“You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need”

  • Keith Richards / Mick Jagger

Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing a lot on the blog about how to get what you want using some principles of the Law of Attraction.

I hope you’ve learned something useful. Whether you have been loving yourself more, or you’ve been more vulnerable in your relationships, or you’ve upped your game when it comes to integrity.

To wrap up this little series, I want to talk about another important aspect of this universal principle.

Getting what you need instead of what you want. Especially, when those two things seem like complete opposites.

You see… God (the Universe, Source, however you identify this spirit) is absolutely always about your Highest good.

Sometimes, in order to get to the right relationship, you have to go through a wrong one.

And sometimes, in order to experience joy and clarity, you must experience sorrow and confusion.

Mysteriously, after a while, it all seems to work out for the best – don’t you think?

Here are 5 things you can do to cope with getting something you don’t want:

1 – Acknowledge your disappointment.
Don’t listen to anyone who tells you you shouldn’t be disappointed or otherwise invalidates your feelings. Definitely, don’t slap a happy face on just because someone told you you have to stay “positive” (whatever that means).

2 – Mourn, grieve, or otherwise feel it.
It’s completely okay to be disappointed. It is extremely important that you allow yourself to feel whatever feelings you are having, too! In fact, it’s the fastest way to get through this phase and onto the next. Trust me!

3 – Write it down.
In a journal or somewhere private, write down every detail about what happened. What you were hoping for and what showed up instead. How you feel, what you really wish would have happened. Allow yourself to write words down, even if they don’t make sense, as an act of letting the feelings flow physically out.

4 – Do something comforting for yourself.
Now, I’m not suggesting you drown your feelings in a pint of ice cream or a bottle of wine. But, maybe you can give yourself a little TLC. Something that makes you feel good, maybe something you used to do when you were sick as a child. Like curl up on the couch and watch some mindless television. And, I hereby give you permission to eat some ice cream or indulge in some other ritual that is comforting for you. Just don’t overdo it!

5 – Celebrate what you did in 1-4.
I’m not saying celebrate what you didn’t get. That might just be painting a happy face on something you’re still sad about! No. I’m saying celebrate what you did to allow yourself to feel and mourn. Celebrate how you took such good care of yourself. And celebrate knowing that, eventually, it will be alright.

Share in the comments… how do you deal with disappointment and setback?


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