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Dr. Venessa Marie Perry


Dr. Venessa Marie Perry is Chief Relationship Strategist, Founder and the woman behind LoveWrite, a platform dedicated to changing the way we see, seek and experience love.

Venessa has dedicated her career to helping women and men recognize their past relationship errors and ultimately rewrite the script on their own love story. From her no-holds-barred approach to identifying her clients’ relationship-finding “wrongs” to her proven methodology rooted in the science of psychology, Venessa is the pragmatic voice of reason the industry has been missing.

Her approach to finding love is rooted in her personal value system and driven by the idea that “love is an action, not an emotion.” For Venessa, that action should begin with one’s personal faith at the cornerstone of their quest to finding love.

In her newest book, Enduring Love, Venessa compiles short stories on love and spirituality from 13 women who have learned through trial-and- error, and also through self-reflection, how to find and experience love, the right way.

Let’s learn from love’s wrongs and rewrite the script so that this time . . . we lovewrite.