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Episode 1: Hunt Etheridge

Matchmakers and how they help individuals who are looking to be in a long- term committed relationship.

Episode 2: Paul Carrick Brunson

Why 80% of people will not go on a date in 2017 and how the definition of dating has changed in today’s society.

Episode 3: Gee Saunders

Matchmaking and dating, what it is, how to find one and how one can help you find your ideal mate.

Episode 4: Michelle Jacoby

The need for date and relationship coaching to help people date properly and what she defines as success in her work.

Episode 5: Joi-Marie McKenzie

A discussion with ABC Lifestyle and Entertainment writer and author of the Engagement Game: Why I said I Don't to marriage and I Do to me.

Episode 6: Denise Kelly

Each month we feature an individual or couple on how to develop and maintain a healthy relationship. This month Denise Kelly discusses preparing yourself for a relationship and asking the right questions.

Episode 7: Doreen Rainey

Doreen Rainey, Vice President of Steve Harvey's Act Like a Success and President of Radical Success, discusses what it means to have radical success in business and in relationships.

Episode 8: Towanna Burrous

Dr. Towanna Burrous discusses life coaching, what it is, why it works and how it can impact your life and relationships.

Episode 9: An Introduction to the Love Write Podcast

Dr. Venessa Marie Perry discusses the genesis of the LoveWrite Unplugged podcast and how its goal is to provide tips and advice to transform love and relationships.

Episode 10: Life After Divorce with Donna Richardson

In this episode, Donna Richardson, celebrity fitness expert, talks about how she overcame her divorce, learned to love herself, and found her purpose in her pain. She discusses how despite her stardom, she learned lessons about love and faith that anyone going through a breakup or divorce can relate to.

Episode 11: Needs vs. Wants

In this week’s episode we discuss the difference between wants and needs in a mate and the importance in being able to distinguish between the two in order to have a healthy, loving relationship.

Episode 12: Love and Money with Vanessa Lindley

In this week’s episode we talk with Vanessa Lindley, CEO of Lindley Consulting, a Financial Education company about the role that money plays in a relationship and how it can make or break it if honest communication doesn’t occur.

Episode 13: Dating and Relationships with Dr. Jeff Gardere

In this episode we talk to Dr. Jeff Gardere, America’s psychologist, about dating and the importance of establishing a friendship as a foundation for a romantic relationship.

Episode 14: How to Make Wise Decisions in Dating

Have you ever wondered how you should choose a mate? Check out today’s episode where I talk about how we attract what we are, how to do away with superficial criteria, and attracting the right one.

Episode 15: Why Are You Still Single?

On this week’s episode we discuss three reasons why you may be still single and how to change that.

Episode 16: Dating is Dead with Kevin S Carr

In this podcast interview we talk to Kevin Carr about his TedX Talk "Dating is Dead". We discuss how dating has changed, and values and expectations have to be aligned in order to have a healthy relationship.

Episode 17: Value Aligned Living and Relationships with Monica Cost

In this episode, we discuss the importance of sharing the same values when selecting a mate and how it creates the foundation for a successful relationship.

Episode 18: 5 Minutes of Truth: The Truth About Loyalty

Is loyalty important to you in your relationships? In this episode of 5 Minutes of Truth we talk about why loyalty should be important in your relationship and if it’s not, why it’s time to re-evaluate it.