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Why Summer Love Doesn’t Last

  06.13.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

It was summer 1997 and my girlfriends and I loved to hang out and party. We were in our 20’s with few cares in the world other than finishing up graduate school, working and hanging out in the many outdoor venues that catered to young professionals. This summer was beyond hot; It was nasty, sticky,… Read More

How To Tell If Your Long-Term Relationship Partner Is Really Into You-Part 2

  05.31.2016   Venessa   Relationships, Rhythm   1 Comment

Some years ago I was in a long-term relationship with a man that loved Baby Face. In fact, we saw him in concert the day Michael Jackson died. This day is crystal clear because I was recovering from major surgery. I was unable to drive or get around on my own. My circle of sister… Read More

How To Tell If Your Relationship Partner Is Really Into You

  05.25.2016   Venessa   Rhythm, Soul   1 Comment

The other day I was laughing with a friend about her escapades on a recent trip. She connected with some friends and they had a great time. There was one particular thing she said that stood out in my mind. One of her friends got sick while they were there. Apparently, he ate something that didn’t agree… Read More

Tired Of Being Single? Do These 4 Things

  05.17.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

The other week, I read a blog on The Unfit Christian entitled, Hey Girl Hoes Aint Won, You Just Lost. This article written by millennial had to be one of the realest articles I’ve read on sex, relationships and why good girls aren’t getting chosen. Here perspective was on point, real and very mature. She’s… Read More

7 Ways To Create A Dating Profile That Wows

  05.5.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

Recently a friend of mine asked me to help him create an online dating profile. Initially I thought he was joking but quickly realized that he was serious. Now here’s a guy that’s smart, attractive, successful and an all around great guy. By all accounts he should be married with a rack of kids by… Read More

The 4 Most Important Relationships In Your Life

  05.3.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

I’m a fan of relationships; all types. We crave connection because it is one of our most basic needs. In order to survive we must have peaceful, harmonious relationships. Relationships make the world go round and it doesn’t matter if it’s business, family, or friends. The quality of our relationships says a lot about us… Read More

6 Ways You Know You’ve Met A Good Guy And Not A Jerk

  04.29.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

Recently I had the opportunity to re-connect with an old friend. Twenty years have passed since we talked or spent time in each others presence. Our previous encounters were relegated to parties, cookouts and other social gatherings of our respective Greek letter organizations. At one point, there was a mutual attraction but it fizzled out… Read More

When Calling In The One Means Attract What You Are

  03.28.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

A little over ten years ago a book came out entitled “Calling In The One”, in which the central premise was to follow the rules of the laws of attraction to bring forth the love that you seek. The seven- week program was guaranteed to help you overcome all of the obstacles to finding the… Read More

9 Communication Habits To Keep Your Relationship Alive

  03.15.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

Everywhere you turn there’s advice on relationships. People want to know the secret to getting into a relationship or maintaining one. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers. There are no classes that tell you how to be a good partner, a good spouse or a good boyfriend or girlfriend. Its mostly trial and error, of… Read More

Marry me or else…

  03.2.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

Embed from Getty Images   When I was in college and graduate school I was in an exclusive relationship with a man who was 6-7 years older than me, so he was in his 30’s. We had been together for a while and I thought the natural progression of our relationship was clear: I’d found… Read More