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The Surprising Truth About Integrity

  11.22.2017   Venessa   Soul   No comments

There’s an old saying that the only thing a person has in life is their name and their word. I believe in upholding both. But I can remember a time when both came into question. I was friendly with a guy who I later found out had a crush on me. I had no interest… Read More

Want Love? Love Yourself, First

  07.1.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

The Greatest Love Of All, the original version by George Benson, but popularized by Whitney Houston is one of my favorite songs. As a young girl my parents often played this song along with the Commodores and Earth Wind and Fire on Sunday mornings after church. In fact it was one of the first songs… Read More

How To Tell If Your Relationship Partner Is Really Into You

  05.25.2016   Venessa   Rhythm, Soul   1 Comment

The other day I was laughing with a friend about her escapades on a recent trip. She connected with some friends and they had a great time. There was one particular thing she said that stood out in my mind. One of her friends got sick while they were there. Apparently, he ate something that didn’t agree… Read More

9 Lessons We Can Learn From Kobe Bryant to Apply to Everyday Life

  04.14.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

The illustrious career of Kobe Bryant has come to an end. 20 years, 5 NBA championships, 18 All Star appearances, 4 NBA All Star Most Valuable Player (MVP) awards, 2 NBA finals MVP’s, 1 NBA MVP and numerous other accolades and awards, he is clearly one of the greatest basketball players of all time. Despite… Read More

Six Ways To Know When It’s Time To Quit

  04.12.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

“You’ve got to know when you hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run”-Kenny Rogers As a child my father used to tell me that quitters were weak. When you hear this at a very young age you begin to internalize it and strive for perfection in… Read More

Choosing Peace

  04.1.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

There’s a stress that comes with being the oldest child. There’s an even bigger stress that comes from being the person everyone is used to coming to when things fall apart. I never asked for that role. As a child in a home where I saw domestic violence and abuse on a regular basis, I… Read More

What Are You Giving Up For The Next 40 Days?

  02.11.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

Each year the 40 days of the Lenten season comes quicker and quicker. I used to be good about thinking about the things I planned to give up during that time and how I would use the time to grow spiritually. But somehow this year before I knew it Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday blew… Read More

A Four Step Process to Dealing With Perfectionism

  02.3.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

  “The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating, neurotic and a terrible waste of time. “-Edwin Bliss   I’m a recovering perfectionist. For years, I struggled with having and doing everything right. I have always been an overachiever. But somehow this was different. The difference between perfectionism and… Read More

Three Tips For Dealing With Procrastination

  01.25.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

Are you a procrastinator? Do you perform best in crisis or impossible deadlines? Or do you wait until the last moment to start a project you’ve known about for weeks? Chances are if you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re a procrastinator. For years I would wait until the last minute to… Read More

The Art Of An Apology

  01.21.2016   Venessa   Soul   No comments

I apologize (believe me I do) Oh believe me I do. I apologize (honest and true) Oh honest and true. Because I know I was wrong And so I sing you this song. And I’m tryna get through to make it up to you yeah. And wish I could roll back in time ~ Anita… Read More