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3 Ways to Jumpstart Your New Year with a New Relationship

  12.6.2017   Venessa   Relationships   No comments

I’ve always loved Christmas. As a child, I loved trimming the tree while listening to Christmas music. Of course, we’d leave milk and cookies for Santa, and on Christmas morning, open gifts in our pajamas. Of course, getting lots of toys helped the joy, too. Now, as an adult, I love the holiday for different… Read More

Reflection of the Holidays

  12.24.2015   Venessa   Beats, Soul   No comments

As a child I loved the Christmas holiday. Cutting the tree down and decorating it while listening to old school Christmas music was a family tradition. We’d bake cookies for Santa’s reindeer and leave a little milk. Early Christmas morning I’d wake up and pad downstairs in my footie pajamas to open up all of… Read More