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Are you relationship ready? 3 easy ways to find out

  11.8.2017   Venessa   Self-Love   No comments

Everyone started talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes on social media and that can only mean one thing… The holidays are here. And holidays are great for many. There’s more good will in the air. It can be fun to connect with friends and family. But the holidays can also be painful. Maybe you’ve recently lost… Read More

3 Ways To Get Clear Before You Get “Cuffed”

A few years ago the term, “Cuffing Season” started to become popular. It refers to that determination people seem to get into when the fall season hits that they need to hurry up and get in a committed relationship. There are many reasons why this could be. Maybe it’s the weather and wanting someone to enjoy… Read More

Why Summer Love Doesn’t Last

  06.13.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

It was summer 1997 and my girlfriends and I loved to hang out and party. We were in our 20’s with few cares in the world other than finishing up graduate school, working and hanging out in the many outdoor venues that catered to young professionals. This summer was beyond hot; It was nasty, sticky,… Read More