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What To Do When You Get What You Need (Instead of What You Want)

  12.20.2017   Venessa   Self-Love   No comments

“You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes you just might find You just might find You get what you need” Keith Richards / Mick Jagger Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing a lot on the blog about how to get what you want using some principles of the… Read More

3 Things To Remember To Feel Loved No Matter What

  09.13.2017   Venessa   Love, Self-Love   No comments

As a teenager, I was thin and constantly teased about it. I know what you’re thinking, but yes, you can be teased for being too thin. Even though I was athletic and intelligent, somehow I thought my body made me less attractive than the pretty girls in my class. All of those girls and their… Read More

Who Loves You Baby?

  08.30.2017   Venessa   Self-Love   No comments

When I was a kid, I used to love the show Kojak. Maybe it was because Kojak aka Telly Savalas was bald at a time when it wasn’t fashionable, he always had a lollipop in his mouth, or his favorite phrase was, “Who loves you baby?”. I loved how his deep voice sounded saying those… Read More

3 Ways To Get Clear Before You Get “Cuffed”

A few years ago the term, “Cuffing Season” started to become popular. It refers to that determination people seem to get into when the fall season hits that they need to hurry up and get in a committed relationship. There are many reasons why this could be. Maybe it’s the weather and wanting someone to enjoy… Read More

A Honeymoon For One – 7 Reasons to Travel While You’re Single

There are times in our lives when we wait for things when we don’t have to. For me traveling was one of them. When I was married I always said we would travel later…. Later meant when we bought the house, when we paid off debts and when the kids grew up. But what I… Read More

Why You’re Still Single This Valentine’s

Let’s keep it real. You’re happy Valentine’s day is over. When you’re still single, Valentine’s Day can set you off on an emotional roller coaster. It’s a constant reminder that you’re alone with no one special to share it with. Maybe you had parents or a spouse who used to send you a Valentine. Or… Read More

20 Ways to Love and Care For Your Self During These Times

The other night I had a fascinating conversation with a young woman about her business. She told me that it focuses on creating safe spaces for people that allow them to feel self-confident at work, traveling, and in life in general. The work that she’s doing is so needed during this time given the escalating… Read More

Ten Ways to Love Yourself Up Everyday

“… I am fearfully and wonderfully made …” Psalm 139:14 At the beginning of the year, people set goals and resolutions of things they want to accomplish in the New Year. Like losing weight, eating healthy, saving more money etc.  The sad thing is that typically by week four, they have thrown the resolutions out… Read More

When Calling In The One Means Attract What You Are

  03.28.2016   Venessa   Rhythm   No comments

A little over ten years ago a book came out entitled “Calling In The One”, in which the central premise was to follow the rules of the laws of attraction to bring forth the love that you seek. The seven- week program was guaranteed to help you overcome all of the obstacles to finding the… Read More